Two More Indian Horses (Framed)
Artist: Doolittle, Bev
Two More Indian Horses (Framed)
Two More Indian Horses (Framed)Two More Indian Horses (Framed)Two More Indian Horses (Framed)
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  • Limited Edition Paper Print
  • Image Size: 12" x 12"
  • Edition Size: 48000 S/N
  • Framed with Genuine Wood Classic Frame
  • Suede Mat & Arrow is added!
Keyword: Western, Native American, Triptych, Horse, Story

This Limited Edition is sold-out at the publisher. Only 1 Framed is available. If you would like to purchase this print or have any questions please contact the gallery.

"Ever since 'Two Indian Horses' became a limited edition print in 1985, I've been hearing collectors' suggestions that I paint a sequel. Of course, my answer was 'No way! I did that painting already!' However, ten years later, I'm eating those words! Without intending to (really), I have found another fun way to tell the same story.

"The telling of this story differs greatly. You, the viewer, are witnessing not only what is happening in front of you, but what is taking place behind you as well. Although the format of the painting differs totally from 'Two Indian Horses,' the same two warriors are at it again - about to shorten the chain of cavalry mounts by two."

- Bev Doolittle

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