2020 Robert Bateman Calendar
Artist: Bateman, Robert
2020 Robert Bateman Calendar
2020 Robert Bateman Calendar2020 Robert Bateman Calendar2020 Robert Bateman Calendar
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Features Robert Bateman's popular images
Size: 10” x 14”
100% carbon neutral
Only available through authorized Bateman dealers
Limited Quantity Available.
100% Canadian made
Not available in book stores

Celebrate nature’s light and colour through the stunning paintings of Robert Bateman. Each month features a full colour reproduction of life illuminated in nature with accompanying introductions and drawings by Robert.

“Light is always a major consideration in my art. It was not always this way. As a budding bird painter in my teens I was influenced by artists such as Allan Brooks and Louis Agassiz Fuertes, not to mention John James Audubon. In those cases there was seldom a point of view of light. This was perhaps in order to show the feather colour to best advantage. During my 20s I was influenced by artists such as Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hooper who used light to enhance their realism. The only kind of lighting I don’t like and never use is front lighting, as one gets with a simple flash camera. That flattens the subject. My favourite lighting is back lighting or rim lighting. This year’s calendar gathers together a collection of paintings depicting various treatments of light – sunsets and early mornings, rainforests and wintery swamps. Nature’s pattern and form enhanced by illumination. It is all too easy to pass through this life only partially tuned in. I have to remind myself to metaphorically open my eyes and really see. I recommend spending time out observing nature. You will find something beautiful.” – Robert Bateman

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