Dream Begins Here, The (Large)
Artist: Bresciani, Jeremy
Dream Begins Here, The (Large)
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  • Limited Edition Paper Print
  • Image Size: 24" x 18"
  • Edition Size: 1017 S/N
Keyword: Canada, Sports, Hockey, Local, Sketch, Black, White, Colour, Color, B&W , Pencil, Drawing

"The Dream Begins Here" This piece captures a feeling & memory that many hockey players (young and old) can relate to. A young player is up at the crack of dawn practicing on his backyard rink; shooting pucks into his net while dreaming of making the NHL one day. The fence and net show extreme wear and tear, representative of a young player, passionate about his goal, that has been practicing religiously day in and day out. Ghosted in the sky, and celebrating the young player's goal, are the Top 100 players of all time (based on the list released by the NHL this year). I decided to add a 101st player, Connor McDavid, as I believe every hockey fan will agree that McDavid will be high on this list shortly.