Vancouver from WV (B&W)
Artist: Kraus, Manfred
Vancouver from WV (B&W)
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  • Open Edition Giclee Canvas
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  • Edition Size: Open
  • Vanc_from_WV_2010_WV019B

Keyword: Vancouver, BC, Local, Panorama, Canada

Born in Munich, Germany, Manfred discovered photography in his teens. In 1968, he came to Canada. Soon Manfred discovered and documented the raw beauty of British Columbia’s landscape. With his extensive experience in film and analog photography, he embraced digital photography and began turning photographs into paintings through software and printing Giclee on canvas. These giclee prints are a fabulous décor item for boardrooms and homes and make a very special gift showcasing the city.

4’ (48”w x 12”h) = S395 Canvas (Stretched or Unstretched), Paper Print = $195

5’ (60”w x 15”h) = $495 Canvas (Stretched or Unstretched), Paper Print =$255

6’ (72” w x 18”h) = $599 Canvas (Stretched or Unstretched), Paper Print = N/A

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