ST. Mother Teresa
Artist: Wild, Judi
ST. Mother Teresa
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Limited Edition Print
Edition Size: 950 Signed & Numbered
Image Size: 18" x 25"

painted in 1991 when our Mother was still in relatively good health

The completion of this work of art was, undoubtedly, this artists finest hour.
Over 300 hours of incredible detail went into the creation of this masterpiece. With minute, almost hairless brushes Judi used a labour-intensive dry-brush technique whereby the watercolor was added layer by transparent layer.

"I have always had the highest respect for her and it was such an honor & absolute joy to paint her. Even more of an honor, was the fact that a framed print was presented to her in Calcutta, when she was still in relatively good health. A tea farmer from Mumbai (Bombay) paid for the framing and a little presentation took place"

“This painting of St. Mother Teresa & the research that went into it's creation was, for me, a spiritual journey in itself. “

Judi Wild donated 20 of these magnificent prints to Fr. Joe, a personal friend of the Mothers who works closely with the Kripa Foundation in Mumbai. These prints are now hung throughout India in the Kripa Rehabilitation centers, which was established in 1981 in part by Mother Teresa herself.