Off Leash (Giclee Canvas)
Artist: Bateman, Robert
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Off Leash (Giclee Canvas)
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  • Limited Edition Giclee Canvas
  • Image Size: 28" x 18"
  • Edition Size: 180 S/N
Keyword: Wild Life, Dog, Labrador, Snow, Winter

"From an early age , I decided I that although I grew up in a big city and would always enjoy visiting cities, I would live in the country so that I could walk out my door and immediately be in nature. A dog that is reasonably well trained is a wonderful companion for walking in the country. I can't count the the happy hours that Smallwood ( our Labrador retriever with a Newfoundland grandmother ) and I spent exploring the fields and forests near our home or cottage. Joey Smallwood, by the way , was the first premier of the province of Newfoundland when that British colony joined Canada in 1949. The Premier was a bit of a rabble rouser, but our dog was mellow yet enthusiastic and most important for roving in nature, he was quite obedient. For this reason , I was comfortable to walk with him off the leash. Of course, he would always be ahead in the direction he guessed that I would go, but he continually checked back to make sure that he was on the right track. If I had felt it necessary to hike with him on a leash , I know that we both would have been frustrated. In this painting I have shown him briefly lying down, waiting for me to catch up. I felt that the delicate forms in the little grove of hemlocks made a good counterpoint to the solidity of Smallwood's sphynx-like figure."

- Robert Bateman

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