2018 Robert Bateman Calendar (Signed)
Artist: Bateman, Robert
2018 Robert Bateman Calendar (Signed)
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* Only 3 Available *

Autographed by Bateman on the cover
Features Robert Bateman's popular images
Size: 10” x 14”
100% carbon neutral
Only available through authorized Bateman dealers
Limited Quantity Available.
Not available in book stores

“On almost any scale, those of us who live in Canada are among the luckiest people in the world both historically and geographically. Our history is a blend of European cultures with a smattering of cultures of other continents. The one area I wish was stronger is the culture of our pre-contact First Nations and their connection with nature.

Perhaps it is because I was born on Queen Victoria’s birthday, the 24th of May, that I value the British connection. In spite of a number of faults through the centuries, Great Britain was generally a positive influence around the world. Instead of having a revolution, Canadians decided to reform within the system. Part of this history was a respect for nature as demonstrated by thinkers like Charles Darwin and John Ruskin.

Geographically we are in a kind of “sweet spot” with respect to climate. The southern areas are excellent for agriculture and the variety of seasons have advantages for biodiversity. All of these qualities give me endless possibilities for subject matter in my art. Although, to be candid, I paint Canada because it is my place. This is true of any artist worth his salt.“
– Robert Bateman