Professional Quality On Site Custom Framing! Professional Quality On Site Custom Framing!

Willowbrook Art gallery is experienced in Custom Framing! Bring your rough ideas and we will design it for you!

Custom Framing Samples

The purpose of custom picture framing is to present the item to be framed in the best possible manner as well as to protect your investment. When picking out matting and the different colour and materials that can be used, you may need assistance. We are experts at this!

Matting enhances as well as protects the artwork. Matting can highlight a colour, accent a shape and also increase the size of the item to be framed. Matting keeps the glass from coming into contact with the item to be framed. It can be cut decoratively to enhance the artwork and spaces can also be used to create depth. Matting is the most important part of framing.

Conservation or 100% acid free rag mat is important in protection your pieces of art and needlework. Conservation framing requires the use of high quality materials designed to protect the artwork. In conservation framing no materials or techniques are used that cannot be reversed leaving the art undamaged and in its original state.